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Sameer Suhail

CEO Foresight Health

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Sameer Suhail MD

Dr. Sameer K. Suhail, MD, is an entrepreneur, health care financier, and philanthropist. Dr. Suhail has extensive experience dealing with large centers and specialty suppliers across the health care market.

Dr. Suhail's business supply management services to a large selection of suppliers and physician practice groups. Jointly, they offer coding, billing, and collection services, procurement of medical materials and devices, outpatient drug store operations, and diagnostic imaging services. Along with providing health care facilities with expert staffing needs. Dr. Suhail is a leader in offering chances in the United States for domestic and foreign trained medical trainees and graduates through his award-winning clinical clerkship and residency programs.

Dr. Suhail is passionate about providing quality health care for regional neighborhoods, particularly those in underserved metropolitan and rural communities.

Sameer Suhail - Chicago, Illinois

Sameer Suhail is the Chief Executive Officer of Foresight Health. Foresight Health is a Healthcare company dedicated to having well trained physicians providing affordable healthcare services.

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